Presenter Instructions

Oral Presentation

We would like to ask a presenter of oral sessions to prepare a presentation in the following way:

  • 15 min presentation + 5 min QA

Poster Presentation

We would like to ask you to read through the following instructions for preparing your poster presentation.

[a] Spotlight presentation
  1. Format and time
    Use this template. Do not use any special fonts to avoid the trouble. We will use a computer with windows 7 and powerpoint 2010 for the presentation. There is no page limit but consider carefully that you only have one minute. If you are not able to complete your presentation, the remaining part will be skipped.
  2. Deadline
    We would like to ask you to complete the upload by October 30.
  3. Upload
    Please login to EasyChair and upload it as supplementary.
    • My Submissions -->
      • Select your paper ID -->
        • Submit a new version -->
          • Attachment
    NOTE THAT the size limit is about 20MB.
[b] Poster presentation
  1. Poster board
    The board size is 90cm width X 210cm height. Four pins are available for putting your poster onto the board.
  2. Presentation
    We request one of the authors to be at the poster during the session. We have three poster sessions in ACPR2013 and the same boards will be used. Therefore your poster should be put up on the day you have the presentation and should be removed after the session.