Xiang Xiang



B.S. in Software Engineering, B.A. in Finance, Wuhan University, China   

School of Engineering ScienceOsaka University, Japan

Dept. of Intelligent MediaISIROsaka University, Japan      [Resume]

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Since Feb. 2009, I have stopped updating this homepage. Therefore, please refer to Xiang XIANG's Homepage in ICT of CAS to check my latest events. You are always welcome to visit my homepages!

My research life in Osaka University has been over. Here is a video about my "Life in Japan", or a quick view in Youtube.
Since currently I'm a graduate student in ICT of CAS, I would like to give some introductions about CAS and ICT:
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the highest national academic institution and comprehensive R&D center in natural sciences and high-tech areas in P.R.China. It was founded in Beijing on Nov. 1st 1949 as an instituion of the State Council of China and has become a major advisory body to government on S&T related issues. Currently it has over 100 institutes all over China, 4 national labs, 75 state key labs, 66 CAS key labs, 1 university named USTC and 1 graduate university named GUCAS. Graduate eduation is a part of its responsibility and joint work from institutes and GUCAS.

Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) is the highest national academic institute in computer area in P.R.China and one of CAS's institution system. It was founded in Beijing in 1956 as the 1st academic institute to specialize in comprehensive research into computer S&T in China. It has produced China's 1st computer, 1st CPU chip and 1st world's top 10 high-performance computers; it has spun off many other national academic institutes (of CAS) including Institute of Microelectronics, Institute of Software, Computer Center, Computer Network Center, as well as high-tech companies such as Lenovo and Dawning.



Xiang Xiang


Dept. of Intelligent Media, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka Univ., 8-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka, 567-0047 Japan
  P.O.Box F26, Information Campus


  Wuhan University, No.129 Luo-yu Road


  Wuhan, Hubei, 430079 P.R.China



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B.S. in Software Engineering (Major), 2005-2009(Expected)                                                      WUHAN UNIVERSITY, CHINA
         Overall Ranking: 2 / 392
         Advisor: Prof. Yulin WANG and Prof. Shuliang WANG

B.A. in Finance (Dual Degree), 2007-2009(Expected)                                                               WUHAN UNIVERSITY, CHINA

Visiting Researcher in Dept. of Intelligent Media , Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
Exchange Student in Graduate School of Engineering Science, 2008-2009(Expected)                 OSAKA UNIVERSITY, JAPAN
         Advisor: Prof. Yasushi YAGI

Visiting Researcher in Multimedia Data Engineering Lab, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Exchange Student in Graduate School of Engineering Science, 2008                                         OSAKA UNIVERSITY, JAPAN
         Advisor: Prof. Kaname HARUMOTO

Exchange Student in Philosophy, 2007                                                                             SHANDONG UNIVERSITY, CHINA

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Research Interests

Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Digital Image Processing (main):
   object recognition and tracking, face recognition, image segmentation, gait recognition and content- based image analysis

Pervasive Computing: Peer-to-Peer information management and sharing
Software Engineering: SOA, Software metrics, software process improvement, automated testing
Data Mining: Peer-to-Peer Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
Embedded System: Software design on WinCE, DSP and FPGA

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[1] Xiang Xiang, Wenhui Chen, Du Zeng. Intelligent Target Tracking and Shooting System with Mean Shift.
    In Proceedings of The 2008 International Conference on Intelligent Pervasive Computing (IPC-08),
    Sydney, Australia, December 10-12, 2008
[2] Xiang Xiang, Wenhui Chen, Du Zeng. Design Report of Intelligent Target Tracking and Shooting System.
    In the Book: Outstanding Works Collection of the 2008 Intel Cup Embedded System Design Contest.
    Shanghai: Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2008
[3] Xiang Xiang, Kaname Harumoto. Ubiquitous and Customized Peer-to-Peer Picture Sharing based on PIAX.
    The 2009 IEEE International Workshop on HPC and Grid Application, Sanya, China, April 24-26, 2009.
    Under submitting

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Honors & Awards

2009  Best Presentation Award in the final presentation of FrontierLab@OsakaU Program(award on Feb.6, 2009).
2008  National 2nd Prize in The 2008 Intel Cup Embedded System Design Invitational Contest
2008   Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Student Scholarship (172 in total around China each year)
2008  Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Research of Wuhan Univ.
2007 & 2006  A-level Scholarship of Wuhan Univ. & Excellent Student of Wuhan Univ.(Top 1%)
2007  Outstanding Student Leader of Wuhan Univ.
2007  Positive Worker of the Student Union of Wuhan Univ.
2007  Outstanding Exchange Student of Shandong Univ.
2007  1st place in the 1,500 Race of the Wuhan Univ. Sports Games
2007  3rd place in Soccer League Match of Wuhan Univ.
2007  Provincial 1st Prize in the Essay Writing Contest of Hubei Province
2006  Outstanding Social Activist of Wuhan Univ.
2006  Award for Best Vision Effect in the Blog Design Contest of Wuhan Univ.
2001  National 3rd Prize in 2001 National Middle School Mathematical Olympiad
2001  Provincial 1st Prize in 2001 National Middle School Physics Olympiad

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Intelligent Target Tracking and Shooting System with Mean Shift(main)
Student Researcher (Team Leader in Intel Cup Contest)                                                                                      Mar. 2008 - Jul. 2008
WHU-Intel Multi-core Laboratory                                                                                                                               Wuhan University
Advisor: Prof. Gencun HUANG and Prof. Dexiang DENG
Research topics: object tracking, Mean Shift, computer vision, embedded system.
Background: I was selected into the Wuhan University Team(3 members) to participate in the 2008 Intel Cup Embedded System Design Contest, which was hold by the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Industry and Information of P.R.China, and co-sponsored by the Intel. There're 160 teams from China,USA, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Finally, our work won the 2nd Prize.
Research Work:
Our motivation was to design a system to help the cameramen in sports events. During the preparation period, I was responsible for the implementation of Mean Shift algorithm and the module of software. First, I read plenty of papers about object tracking and math books; second, I read and debugged the source codes in Intel OpenCV; third, I implemented and optimized Mean Shift based on OpenCV; at last, I wrote the final report. During the contest period, I designed the testing process and gave the presentation. After the contest, I developed our system and compared it with related works in papers and submitted my paper to IPC-08.

Graph-cut-based Image Segmentation in Dynamic Backgraounds (present)
Best Presentation Award in the final presentation of FrontierLab@OsakaU Program 2008-2009 (awarded on Feb 6, 2009)
New! Presentation slides is avalable!
Visiting Researcher (FrontierLab@Osaka U Program)                                                                                         Nov. 2008 ĘC Feb. 2009 (Expected)
Human Behavior Analysis Group, Dept. of Intelligent Media, ISIR                                                                         Osaka University
Advisor: Prof. Yasushi YAGI
Background: To make machines have visual perception requires cameras to first recognize, then track, and finally analyse objects, based on accurately segmented silhouettes from images. Currently, most gait recognition algorithms assume that people have been tracked and silhouettes have been segmented successfully. In fact, the problems caused by dynamic background and articulated objects have not been well-solved.
Research work:
I'm participating in the Graph-cut-based segmentation development. Finally, I need to publish a paper and give a final presentation.

ATM Security Assistant Using Face Recognition
Student Researcher (Team member in 2007 Microsoft Imagine Cup)                     Jan. 2007 - May 2007
International School of Software (ISS for short)                                                                                                         Wuhan University
Research topics: face recognition, Haar-like feature, AdaBoost, classifier, training
Research work: I contributed in the user interface and read papers about face recognition.

Ubiquitous and Customized Peer-to-Peer Picture Sharing based on PIAX
Visiting Researcher (FrontierLab@Osaka U Program)                                                                                          Oct. 2008
PIAX Group, Multimedia Data Engineering Lab, G. S. of Info. Sci. and Tech.                                                      Osaka University
Advisor: Prof. Kaname HARUMOTO
Research topics: ubiquitous computing, sensors, mobile agents, and Peer-to-Peer computing (main); location-based information sharing,information recommendation for the real life.
Background: PIAX is an open source framework to develop Peer-to-Peer applications and developed by my group. I have a separate project, the primary function of which can be described as following: while a person walks around, s/he takes pictures with the location information attached and may optionally add comment to them, which will be shared in a Peer-to-Peer network; then, when another person is walking, the application will notify him/her some location information, such as displaying pictures when there are existed ones taken at near locations. In fact, the system needs to recommend the user one picture from a lot, which relies on the content-based image retrieval. Therefore, it has close relationship with image processing.
Research work:
First, I read papers to understand the concepts, principles or algorithms of Peer-to-Peer, multi -overlay network, PIAX, Skip Graph, DHT, and LL-Net; second, I debug PIAX source codes to get familiar with PIAX API; third, I'll design, implement and test the application. I need to implement it using Peer-to-Peer architecture in a scalable fashion. During the research period, I need to submit work report every day and give progress presentations to the whole group each week.

Teaching Family Management System Supported by Data Mining
Student Researcher                                                                                                                                                      Jun. 2007 - Jun. 2008
Data Mining Laboratory, International School of Software                                                                                        Wuhan University
Advisor: Prof. Shuliang Wang
Research topics: non-linear database, distributed database, data mining, distributed VOD, RSS
Background: the project belongs to Scientific Research Program of Wuhan University
Research work:
I succeeded in applying for this project and I was the leader with four other student researchers. Our work is an integrated system including the teaching and administerial MIS, video-on -demand, news publishing, network community and the resource sharing. During one-year-long research, I managed the whole group, designed the algorithm for the elective system and the huge non-linear database of personnel information and teaching resources.

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Software Engineering Intern                                                                                                       Jul. 2008 - Aug. 2008
R&D Department                                                                                    Shanghai Primeton Technologies, Ltd., China
Instructor: Fang Shu (Project Manager, Software Architect), Lei Wang (Software Architect)
Research topics: Software Metrics, Function Point, Process Improvement, CMM, CMMI; AWT, JFace, Plug-in
Background: Primeton is a leading provider of component-oriented middleware and is a partner of OSOA, which is an SOA international standardization organization.
Research work: I researched on Software Metrics, especially the Function Point Counting. At first, I read papers and cases to understand the concept, scope and role of Software Metrics; then I focused on the models and methods of the measurement, and compared the tools of the metrics and estimation, such as AMI and IFPUG; finally, I used and popularized IFPUG in real projects. In addition, I practiced Eclipse plug-in development by developing a RSS reader plug-in.

Software Engineering Intern                                                              Aug. 2007        Microsoft Training Center, China
Project work: I led a group with 12 interns to develop a personnel MIS, which was developed through C#.NET + SQL Server. I was responsible for the general design and the implementation of the MSF & SOA in this project; I also lay down the function and technical manual.

Web Developer (part-time)                                                                                                         Sept. 2005 - Oct. 2006
Dept. of Technology                                                                                                  Ziqiang.NET of Wuhan Univ., China
Project work: I was in charge of web design and database management.

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TA Duty

Teaching Assistant, Discrete Mathematics, International School of Software, Wuhan University, Spring 2008
Instructor: Prof. Cunchen Tang

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May 2008 - Aug. 2008   Volunteer and touch escort of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
May 2007 - Jun. 2008   Vice-Chairman of Student Union, ISS, Wuhan University
Mar. 2007 - Nov. 2007   Member of Google Camp, Wuhan University
May 2006 - May 2007   Editor-in-chief of the journal Software Time-space, ISS, Wuhan University
Sept. 2006   Volunteer of the 2th IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, Wuhan, P.R.China, Sept. 22-24, 2006
Sept. 2005 - Sept. 2006   Class monitor (the class was awarded Outstanding Class of Wuhan Univ.)

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