ACCV 2007

Instructions for submission of final manuscript

Note: Due to construction works at the University of Tokyo, ACCV web service will be suspended from Saturday August 25th 18:00 (JST) through Monday August 27th 11:00 (JST). For your convenience, we will extend the period of camera-ready upload until Monday August 27th 23:59 (JST). Thank you for your understandings.

New Deadline: Aug. 27, 2007, 23:59 (JST)

Visit Final Manuscript Submission page to upload the following items.

(a) Completed copyright form.

The template of the form can be downloaded via here.
Please insert your manuscript information and your signature to the form, and upload the scanned form as an electric file. The copyright form with digital signatures is also acceptable.

In the copyright form, the following two items should be given as:

(b) Source (input) files of the final manuscript which are compressed into a zip file.

The zip file should include all the source files of your manuscript, which should be prepared according to the authors instructions given by Springer.

For detailed instructions for preparing those two items, visit
and follow “For Authors” -> “Information for LNCS Authors” section.

If you have any questions for preparing your final manuscript, send e-mail to


Page limit of each final manuscript is 10 pages, which is the same as the first submission for the review.

If the authors need additional pages, up to 2 pages can be added by paying 5,000 JPN per page of over-length charge. Even with the over-length charge, the manuscript can not exceed over 12 pages.

The over-length charge will be billed after the actual length will be decided in the publication process. The actual length may be different from the authors' estimation, because Springer will give additional process for publication to submitted files of each manuscript.

Please note that the source files will be used for generating the final proceeding by Springer. Springer enters into the source files to insert running heads, final page numbers and a reference line at the bottom of the first page of each paper, and also to smooth out any capitalization and formatting inconsistencies. This means that Springer use the final pdfs from the authors for checking purposes only. As a result, the style of your final manuscript may slightly change, and page numbers may also change, because Springer will re-edit for final publication.

Therefore, we ask the authors to read the instructions provided by Springer carefully. We also strongly recommend using the LaTeX template (even though word template or other templates are also provided by Springer), so that the final editing procedure can be smoothly performed. In some case, Springer may contact with the corresponding author for editing purpose.

If you want to modify the title or authors, update the author list in your cameraready manuscript and input the new author list in "contact_information.txt". We will use the new author list in the TeX file.

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